Saturday, April 23, 2016

May 1st Introducing US Servas Presenter: Colleen Schwartz

US Servas is a nonprofit membership organization fostering understanding of cultural diversity through a global person-to-person network promoting a more just and peaceful world. Over the past 60 years, dedicated peace-minded people have created the vital worldwide hospitality network known as Servas.
Colleen Schwartz and her husband Harvey interview all local individuals applying for membership. They are Servas hosts as well as travelers, and have traveled extensively all over the world, using their Servas memberships to get to know other hosts. Colleen will lead this presentation.
Servas host members welcome Servas travelers into their homes for a limited stay, free of charge, with the opportunity of sharing a meal or meals and conversations. Servas members recognize the importance of personal relationships and the inherent worth of all people as well as the value of cultural differences. By fostering open person-to-person experiences between travelers and hosts, artificial barriers can be removed, lasting friendships can develop and social responsibility can be encouraged. Servas is a way to unite those who believe that peace is possible, once these differences are explored on a personal level. Members accomplish these goals by opening their homes and hearts and welcoming approved Servas visitors in the cause of peace.

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