Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Engaging White Supremacy: Is dialogue possible?, December 2, 2017

The Five Races of Mankind (1911)
9:15 am. Alan Friedlob, David Curley and Lauralee Carbone have collaborated to present this forum focusing on the psychological and social realities of white supremacy in America today. They will show excerpts from BLINK, an award winning film made in 2000 that is especially relevant after Charlottesville.  It focuses on the personal journey of Greg Withrow, once a charismatic rising star in the white supremacist movement who dramatically turned his back on the ideologies of hate. 

After showing the film excerpts, our conversation will turn to what we have seen, heard, and felt in the context of the Unitarian Universalist principles and our daily lives. Is dialogue possible and what would such engagement look like? What do we hope for from dialogue, and why?    

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