Saturday, December 16, 2017

BUF Sunday Forum: End Child Abuse with Brigid Collins, December 17, 2017

Andrea Harrison of Brigid Collins Family Care and Support Center will update us on the work of Brigid Collins, which has served Whatcom County for 27 years. Each year, we help more than 3,000 families in our Whatcom community who are at-risk or have been victims of child sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect. Our Stewards of Children program is an evidence-based prevention education program that has armed more than 6,000 residents of Whatcom County with the skills to prevent child sexual abuse and how to spot and respond to child abuse when it does occur. Our goal is to educate 10,000 Whatcom County residents by 2020, and in this Forum we will share how we plan to do this. Andrea Harrison, MSW, is the Development & Outreach Manager/Stewards of Children Facilitator at Brigid Collins.

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