Friday, March 9, 2018

Water in Whatcom - March 11, 2018

9:15 a.m. Whatcom County has generally had an adequate supply of water - but as the population and our industries, have grown, that has come into question. What should we be doing, before we hit a serious too-dry condition where keeping water available for all needs?   This presentation will expound on those needs, and inform the public (oh, yeah, and the governments) what we ought to be doing, now. 

A long time UU, Marian is a retired Civil Engineer and Meteorologist.  For most of her professional life, Marian has worked with water issues. She worked for seven years researching and implementing improvements to irrigation systems, earned a U.S. Patent, and then became the Deputy Chief Engineer of a County Public Works Department in Hawaii.  She also performed consulting job-assignments all over the globe, most of which were improvements to irrigation systems for sugar-cane plantations in Brasil and a half-dozen South-Asia nations, starting with Bangladesh. ("Ami Bangla alpo jani.”).  After retiring in 1991, Lake Whatcom and the Nooksack River were naturally things of interest, and she was one of a trio of folks who, as citizen volunteers, jumped on the pollution of those waters, and motivated Bellingham to implement two notable programs of pollution-reduction. 

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