Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sunday Forum: How to Live with and What to do with Trump as President

Don't Mourn! Organize! ~ Joe Hill
Feeling depressed, overwhelmed, and helpless about the current political climate?  This Forum is for you.  We will NOT be sharing stories of woe, but discovering ways to keep the faith, find hope, and discover love. On March 26th at 9:15 am, Duane Jager (Retired Executive Director, ReUse Works: The Appliance Depot and Ragfinery) will lead a discussion on how to navigate these perilous times while making a difference.  Forum leader, Duane Jager, is a longtime community activist who is sad but not discouraged by current events.  Duane presented at the forums in the past about Ragfinery and Appliance Depot.    

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