Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Humanistas Ministry - Helping People in a Pinch, September 17, 2017

Humanitas is an alms program and as such we operate as simply as we can.  All the money we collect goes directly to the people who come to us for help.  Our stationery supplies and hospitality expenses (coffee, tea, etc), are paid for by the Humanitas team.  Our finances are kept up to date on a computer spreadsheet and sent in to BUF on a weekly basis.

The Ministry provides emotional support and limited emergency financial assistance in a safe, warm and non-judgmental atmosphere to local people in need.  We work with other churches and charitable agencies through Bellingham’s Community Resource Network to actively and directly help the poor and marginalized people in our midst. Typical requests include help to purchase gasoline or a WTA monthly bus pass.  Larger amounts are “gathered” by the recipient who is given pledges from one or more of the other ministries in Bellingham, eventually accruing enough to pay for items such as car registration or a small utility bill.  Our goal is to continue this work. Our financial mainstay comes through our ten-bucks-a-month club augmented by the special social justice annual collection and other donations.

We will share how we came into being, how our ministry works (we will bring pledge and voucher forms to illustrate the difference), how we serve the neighborhood, how we partner with other churches, and answer any and all questions about the ministry.  We will have pamphlets to hand out and applications for our ten-bucks-a-month club will be available..

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