Sunday, April 26, 2015

Adult Sunday Forums for May 2015

May 3                   “Interfaith Coalition” with Janie Pemble, Outreach Director
Jame will be sharing some information about Interfaith and it's work and mission to address the needs and fill in the gaps in service for the homeless and vulnerable in Whatcom County, and how BUF is a part of this vital effort.  Interfaith provides a significant way for faith communities to work together in solidarity for the benefit of our community.  We are 41 congregations strong, and we believe that together we can do more.

May 10             “Saving the Future” with BUFster Ron Quinn
What must we change to create a future that provides for the inherent worth and dignity of every person, everywhere? Just about everything. Western models of sustainable development are insufficient. Two new models, regenerative development and eco-modernism, suggest other ways to take better care of everyone.

May 17                 “Bringing Compassion When Tragedies Occur” with Barb Skudlarick, Community Care Crisis Responders and Victim Support Specialist
Serving as a Support Officer since 2000, Barbara will explain the needs of people who receive news of a sudden death by accident, suicide, or homicide. A former flight attendant and nurse, Barb belongs to two aviation organizations and was deployed to assist the Pentagon after 9/11, Sen. Stevens' Alaskan aircraft crash, and Malaysia Airlines Fl #370, as well as coordinating Lummi Nation’s 3-week trip to deliver The Liberty and Freedom Poles to the Pentagon. Barb will describe what happens to people emotionally and physiologically after a tragic event, explain how we can validate people experiencing these responses, and how to phrase verbal support. She will also update us on resources and agencies available to assist with recovery.

May 24                 “Activism on Campus” with Esther Magasis, Community to 

Esther will be holding a conversation regarding the difficulties involved with getting students involved with activist work in the current financial climate of academia.

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